Wiring Installations

Installing new wiring into a house can be a huge and complicated task, with a large number of codes and safety regulations to adhere to in the process. Often houses which are old could be in need of complete rewiring just to bring them up to modern day standards, and it is not something that is generally seen as a DIY job.

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PGS have a number of qualified electricians who can take the hassle out of this job by both being able to carry out the work to a high standard, and then to certify it afterwards. We also know that rewiring can be a messy job - dealing with wires that run behind walls, or moving sockets and switches, so we can also offer PGS Handymen services, meaning from start to finish, and the clean up afterwards, we can take complete care of rewiring your house.

Many ollder houses do not have wiring that can safely meet the demands of modern day living. With so many household items requiring electricity to run, and being used constantly within day to day life, outdated electrics in a house can be dangerous. If your house was built before 1980, and hasn't had any extensive wiring work done already, there’s a strong chance that it’s in need of an update.

There are a few signs you might spot around your house that can tell you you’re in need of a rewire: 

  • Cables coated in black rubber. These could be over forty years old and fabric or lead covered ones even older. Modern cables are coated in PVC, and are typically grey or white.
  • Sockets mounted in skirting boards are no longer acceptable. A socket has to be a minimum of 450mm above the ground to meet modern standards.
  • Wall mounted switches in the bathroom - This is dependant on the size of the room, but a wall mounted switch in a bathroom has to be out of reasonable reach of the bath or shower. Any closer and you are breaking regulations.

It’s not only complete rewiring PGS can take care of, smaller jobs are also common, our electricians can rewire rooms to include more power outlets or install new circuits for lighting or heating. Again, all of this can then be certified, saving you time and effort at a later date. 

For more information and some free advice about wiring in your property contact PGS Electricians.

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