Lighting Installation and Repair

The lighting in a home or business can completely transform the feel of each and every room. Aside from the obvious practical need for lighting, different types can create striking effects, and be used to match every mood and situation.

Whether you’re choosing and installing new lighting systems in your property or in need of a repair to be carried out on existing lighting, PGS can assist you with a high level of customer service and a rapid response.

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Kitchen and Bathroom

Lighting in the kitchen and bathroom needs to be functional. In a kitchen, one centre light alone will cast people into shadow, and leave corners dark - not the safest or most practical solution when using sharp knives and hot surfaces. Halogen lighting is best suited for a kitchen as it is bright and crisp, and in a lot of cases one centre light is being replaced with several halogen spotlights (either recessed or adjustable) or track lights. These spread the light around and create an overall brighter look. Task lighting is also important in a kitchen, with spotlights being installed under cupboards to shine on work surfaces, or over the cooker. In the case of adjustable spotlights, these can be pointed at the areas where most light is required.

A bathroom is along similar lines, needing to be functional and practical, but care needs to be taken that no safety codes are broken. In many houses, the bathroom is relatively small, and recessed spot lighting will not only get rid of unflattering shadows cast by a centre lamp, but they make a room appear bigger. As well as this, subject lighting around a mirror may be required for shaving or make up, and special waterproof fibre optic lights can be used inside a bath or shower to create a modern and stylish look.

Living Room and Bedroom

The living room and bedroom both require something totally different. Mostly, Tungsten lighting is recommended, much warmer and softer than halogen, it creates a more relaxed environment. Up-lighting can be used to great effect in both of these rooms, a few strategically placed lights will be able to highlight certain features and open up the corners of the room - giving the illusion of space. It’s a good idea to install dimmer switches on all lights in the living room and dining room, as well as having them on different switches and circuits. This gives you a huge range of versatility with them, and optimum control so your lighting can match the situation.


When used correctly, all sorts of aspects of your home, garden or business can benefit dramatically from improved lighting. On a commercial basis, lighting can draw attention to specific areas of a shop, or make it more inviting and welcoming to potential customers. Recessed spotlights or small LED lights are both practical and stylish when used to light staircases or hallways, and hanging pendant lights are perfect for lighting a dining table. Outside, lighting can transform your *Garden* into somewhere that can be enjoyed day or night, all year round.


As well as taking care of new installations, PGS can also take a look at any problems you may be having with your existing lights. Our registered electricians will be able to solve problems with individual fixtures or faulty wiring, which could be causing sparking or dimming to the lights in your home.

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