Electric Heating

PGS Electricians carry out installations and repairs to all types of electrical heating appliances.

There are a large number of different electrical solutions for heating your home, which can offer an easier and more cost effective way of keeping warm. Choosing electric heating, or switching your current gas system can provide more effective heating, in an eco-friendly way.

For further information on the full range of electric heating options, or to discuss repairs to an existing system please contact us.

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Electric Boilers

It used to be that only people with no gas supply were opting for electric boilers, but as their benefits become apparent, they are being installed by more houses everywhere. Highly compact and silent to run, they are more aesthetically pleasing than their noisy and larger alternatives, while doing just as an effective job. Electric boilers also mean there are no toxic fumes being emitted, and are therefore a more environmentally friendly option to consider.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is not a new concept, but it is electricity which has brought this highly effective method of heating into the 21st Century. Where regular radiators run at a high temperature, heating the air around them, underfloor heating can be kept at a much lower temperature, as it will gently and evenly heat the whole room. This reduces your running costs, and also makes it perfect for larger rooms. Electric versions rather than water are also easier and less intrusive as there is no need to raise floor levels -the panels can lay flat under almost any type of sub-floor.

Electric Fires

Traditional open fireplaces are fast being pushed out for their much safer and easier electrical counterparts - and it’s easy to see why. In the modern day, it is no longer practical for most houses to have a large open fire, they are messy and dangerous, high maintenance, and pollute the air.

An electric fire however, has none of these drawbacks, and come in such a huge array of styles and designs that there will be one to suit any room or decor. They are also portable, and do not require a chimney or specific space for them to function - they can be placed anywhere, or even mounted on the wall. It is this versatility, along with safety reasons and practicality, which has made the electric fire a focal point in so many modern households.

Electric Radiators and Heating controls

Electric radiators are both highly functional and relatively portable. All they need to work is an electrical outlet, and they can be installed easily and quickly. One of the main benefits of them is the increased control you can get over the electrical system. Each radiator can be controlled individually, or a central programmer can be installed to work every heating device at once. This can greatly improve energy efficiency and reduce heating bills as no appliances are left on longer than they need to be.

PGS Services can help you with every step of choosing, installing and maintaining the right heating solution for your house, as well as having gas and plumbing services on hand if electric  heating methods aren’t for you.

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